Working with Talentporte

We work with our clients with the strictest standards of honesty, integrity, and candor, and we have developed some basic standards that we want our clients to know before engaging with us:

  • We keep our promises to our consultants and candidates. We will not contact a candidate’s present employer without their permission, and we will never share a prospective employee’s name with a client company without their permission.
  • We are with you for the long term. We are still working with the clients who started with us when we started Talentporte. Our responsiveness and our commitment have set us apart from the ordinary staffing firms. We continue to add to our client roster. We will not compromise the individual attention on which our clients have come to depend.
  • We don’t do conflicts-of-interest. If we are contacted by a consultant who works directly for one of our clients, with the request that we help him or her find a new position, we simply won’t. If the consultant desires, we will gladly facilitate a conversation with the current employer, or we will gain the consultant’s permission to converse directly with the client. Our goal is to help both parties while maintaining our corporate values.
  • We are with our consultants for the long term. This includes staying in touch, visiting, inviting them to Talentporte events, and generally making sure that they have a home base with Talentporte, along with helping them find their next position if/when their contract with our client ends.

Talentporte’s Search and Selection Process

We have built our Search and Selection process around the requirements of both client and candidate to increase the opportunity for a healthy and productive relationship between you. While we subscribe to a number of on-line services, we have found that nothing works so well as referrals and direct contacts, and we have spent years developing our personal networks so that we can connect with passive job-seekers as well as active job-seekers. We also have a generous referral bonus program for our current consultants.

Talentporte has key information on hundreds of consultants who may be a fit for your organization, and our search begins there – matching credentials and capabilities with your requirements. Candidates who fit the basic requirements are then put through an in-depth screening process, which includes in-person interviews with a Talentporte Career Advisor, a technical test administered by an objective third-party, and a client profile screening, allowing us to determine if the candidate is the right fit for our client’s culture.

Everyone in our industry has a process – and we do, too. However, the human factor – actually getting to know our consultants and our clients – is what allows us to match the right people to the right opportunities.

Hiring Types and Terms

We have built our organization on the basic tenet of making the hiring experience truly remarkable for our clients, from ensuring that you only see candidates who are well-suited for your requirements through our commitment to responding to your needs promptly, honestly, and with respect.

We work with a select group of client companies who share our values – honesty, integrity, and candor, and who are open to the benefits of working with a strategic talent acquisition firm.

Our clients engage us for:

  1. Contract positions
  2. Direct Hire, or Permanent, positions
  3. Right-to-hire contract positions

We evaluate our consultants and candidates against our specific client’s specific requirements and culture, ensuring that our clients only see candidates who are truly a fit for the open position.