How To Get Started

When you start working with Talentporte, you’ll tell us the type of position you will consider as well as your expectations about the compensation package, terms, benefits, and other considerations. We will evaluate potential opportunities for you with this criteria in mind.


These positions have a defined start date and a defined end date, and are typically associated with a specific client project. Talentporte will be your employer, and you will report to your client site for work each day. Typically contract positions can be extended, if all parties agree, but do not necessarily lead to permanent employment with the client company.


When our clients are hiring permanent additions to their IT team, they turn to Talentporte to find the best-fitting candidates. If you are offered and accept a permanent placement position through Talentporte, your employer will be the client company, and you will become part of the client organization.


Our client is hiring a permanent addition to their team, and want to go through what is essentially a trial period to give you the opportunity to “try each other out.” Your employer is Talentporte, but the client company intends to offer you a full-time position. Once the client company offers you the full time position, and you accept, your employer becomes the client company.

The Basics of Working with Talentporte

We Work Confidentially

While we will ask you for references after you and we have identified a position for you, we will never contact your present employer without your explicit permission, and your name will never be given to a prospective employer without your knowledge

We Are Paid By The Employer

There is never a fee for you to work with Talentporte.

We Are With You For The Long Run

We’ll help you with your next position, and we’ll continue to work with you during the entire time you work there – and then we’ll help you with the position after that!

We Don’t Do Conflicts-of-Interest

If you work directly for one of our clients, and you ask us to confidentially find you a new position, we’re sorry, but we won’t. If you’d like us to facilitate a transition conversation with your current employer, we are glad to help you.

Today’s IT Professionals have a multitude of means to find their next career opportunity, but a large percentage will require the use of a Recruiter at some point in the process. Whether you choose to work with Talentporte on your next search or a different firm, we hope some of these quick pointers will help you in your search.

Be Transparent

Open and honest conversations regarding your career aspirations, the types of environments you work best in, the roles you are targeting, commute and compensation will help your Recruiter understand your motivations and help align you with the appropriate role and company. Our consultative approach to recruiting facilitates those discussion points, but you may run into newer recruiters during your search that are still learning but may have access to really interesting opportunities.

Be Organized

If you choose to work with multiple Recruiters, it is extremely important to know where your resume is being submitted and by whom. Being submitted by multiple firms into one client or for the same role is embarrassing for both the candidate and Recruiting firm. Some clients are so averse to dealing with those situations, they eliminate the candidate from consideration all together.

Ask Questions

Be sure to ask plenty of open-ended questions about the process, the client, the role, etc. If there is a topic that is important to you, do not be shy. A good Recruiter may not have all the answers, but as your partner in your job search they should be good listeners and interested in finding the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision.

Walk Away

If the firm you choose to work with is not hearing or listening to what is important to you, do not hesitate to end the relationship and find a new partner. If they continually try to talk you into the wrong roles or spend a minimal investment into understanding you, they may be only interested in a commission versus a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership.

Pointers & Practices

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to help. You can call us at (314) 824-3000 or send us an email

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